About Us

SuperFrame was created to provide superior products for sim racing and sim enthusiasts in the North American market. 

Our founder began his career in the automotive world, working as an engineer to design and develop engines, components and electric propulsion systems for major US OEMs. Responding to the high pricing, shipping and import fees on quality sim gear, he founded SuperFrame to get top-notch products at the best prices into the hands of simulation users across North America. 

In the same way as a cylinder head or engine block, we design and develop our products to meet the design specifications of simulation users, from racing drivers to pilots.

We will be bringing to market a complete line of sim racing cockpits, monitor stands and accessories, always striving to deliver the best performance at a great price point. 

We are located in the Detroit/Windsor region and ship from locations in the US and Canada to minimize delays and eliminate shipping issues for Canadian and US customers. We want everyone to have the chance to drive our rigs, so we also ship internationally. 

We stand behind our products and will always try to make your purchase and ownership experience worry free.